Songza Commands for Enso

I’ve developed a set of commands that integrate Humanized’s Enso, the linguistic command line interface, with Songza, the music search engine and internet jukebox.

  • songza list {song list} inserts the most played songs and the featured songs at
  • songza playlist inserts the playlist of the currently selected username.

Songza commands for Enso

The Songza commands insert links to songs marked up in XHTML. For example, if you are working in Word and you want some music, simply insert a list of songs, such as your own playlist, click on a song link and the Songza website will open in your browser and start playing the song you clicked on.

Clickable song lists are available in any application capable of rendering the list of XHTML links returned by the Songza commands.

For more information about my Songza commands for Enso, including their Python implementation, read my article, Implementing Songza Commands for Enso in Python.

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