How to Display Lightbox 2 Image Captions Correctly in the iNove WordPress Theme

When I installed the Lightbox 2 plugin on an iNove-themed WordPress website, I found that Lightbox 2 didn’t display its image captions correctly. Instead of placing the caption below the image, Lightbox 2 replaced the website’s title and tagline with the caption. After some investigation, I found that Lightbox 2 adds a <div> tag to the end of the page to display the image and caption. However, the ID of this <div> tag is caption, which is the same as the ID of the <div> tag used by the iNove theme to display the website’s title and slogan—hence the replacement.

To solve the conflict between the Lightbox 2 plugin and the iNove theme, you can change either the ID of the <div> tag created by Lightbox 2, or change the ID of the <div> tag used by iNove. I chose to change the ID of the iNove tag because it was the simplest solution which required changes to only two lines of code. To change the iNove tag ID, first locate iNove’s /template/header.php file and replace the line

<div id=”caption”>


<div id=”website-caption”></pre>

Having changed the ID of the <div>, you must update the corresponding entry in iNove’s /styles.css file from

#caption {


#website-caption {

You can use any alternative ID for the iNove tag, but make sure it doesn’t match an ID used by any other plugin on your WordPress website.

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