Simple Legs Improve Laptop Ventilation

After attaching an external monitor to my MacBook, I started using the MacBook in closed-clamshell mode; that is, the MacBook’s lid is closed and the external monitor is the main (and only) display. However, running a laptop with the lid closed reduces the ventilation provided by the keyboard which, in turn, causes the laptop to turn on the fan more often and run it for longer. Raising laptops off the desk is a good way to increase ventilation because it exposes a large surface area to the air. I didn’t want to buy a laptop cooling station and I think commercially available laptop legs are too big. As a result, I decided to make my own.

To make four laptop legs, I used two furniture floor savers per leg. Each floor saver has a diameter of 19mm and a height of 10mm. I stuck each pair of floor savers together with double-sided tape, which raised my MacBook 20mm off the desk. Here’s a photo of the floor savers (on the left) and an assembled laptop leg (on the right).

The furniture floor savers used to create a laptop leg

Here’s a photo of the front-left leg under my MacBook.

Laptop leg

My MacBook’s fan still runs more frequently than it does when the lid is open, but it runs less often and for shorter periods than before using my DIY laptop legs.

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