This pages lists a selection of the software I have produced, much of which is open source.

Java Applications

  • COSMOS Desktop COSMOS Desktop enables social scientists to collect, mash and visualize social media and curated data without programming.

macOS Applications

Mozilla Extensions

  • Text2Link Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey extension.


  • nscolor-components A Swift extension to NSColor that provides easy access to its RGB and HSB components.

NPM Packages

  • tweet-utils-js JavaScript utility functions for working with tweets.
  • file-size-tree-js Generate a JavaScript object representing the size of the files in a directory structure.

GitHub Repositories


  • twitter-collection-js Collect tweets filtered from the Twitter streaming API with Node.js.
  • twitter-geo-server-js A Node.js application that serves geocoded data derived from tweets retrieved from the Twitter streaming API to multiple clients over web sockets.
  • ruby-twitter-tools Ruby command line tools for processing Twitter data.



Java Swing

IP Geolocation